The Pilgrimage Spirit-Mind-Body Healing

Compassion.  Faith.  Healing.

  • Who We Are: The Pilgrimage (founded by the Reverend Tanya Beck) opened its doors in 1991 as a non-profit healing ministry.
  • Our Purpose: The purpose was, and continues to be, to integrate healing of spirit, mind and body, with emphasis on the primacy of spirit.
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Phone 727-789-6660


1601 Curlew Road

Palm Harbor, FL  34683-6515

The Healing Session

In individual healing sessions, two trained Healing Partners create a connection of genuine caring with the client in a peaceful atmosphere of safety and support.  During this hour of guided relaxation, healing touch, and prayer or meditation, the client needs only to be open to receiving the benefits of the process.

Clients often report feelings of deep relaxation and peacefulness immediately following the session.  Other benefits reported include: lowered anxiety, diminished pain, improved mental outlook, and increased energy and connection to the healing power within.

Can I Be Healed?

Although healing results are highly individualized, some clients report that their symptoms improve or even disappear after a series of sessions.  However, we make a distinction between healing and curing

Healing, as we understand it, is the balance between body, mind and spirit that engenders the ability to deal peacefully with whatever life brings.  We are all on a lifelong journey of healing.

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