The Healing Bridge

Its a magic space that is always there, no matter what the storm or thought.

Its a place of rainbows and meadow larks, of glorious color,

sweet fragrant flowers and the sound of a crystal stream on its way to eternity.


There's a gentle breeze that caresses our skin, awakening us to the Presence of Angels.

No matter which side we approach, there is only beauty above and below us.


On the bridge we can behold the wonder of this place.

We can meditate alone and listen to the sounds of nature and pure waters.

We can contemplate a rainbow in the distance and know the promise of the gold within our souls.

We can lift our pain and release it to the stream, and feel the cleansing of the

Eternal's Love...renewing our minds...remembering...

It was Love in the beginning, and it is only Love that heals.


And on this bridge we can invite whoever we choose to spend with us this time in communion.

We can stand together in Silence and Peace.  We can let go of all else and heal the wounds,

and know the rainbow before us is also about forgiveness.


It matters not that we hold the same view of life,or that we cross to the other side...

It is enough that we stand together on the bridge.

Our destiny in Truth is in the stream beneath us, that will carry us all home.


This Healing Bridge is a means of remembrance.

And we stand together in the midst of Grace. 

There is a bridge, in a secret place, that's found within our hearts.





A reflection shared by Charles D. Geddes

Photo from Webshots (xcubanbabigirlx)