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Compassion.  Faith.  Healing.

  • Who We Are: The Pilgrimage (founded by the Reverend Tanya Beck) opened its doors in 1991 as a non-profit healing ministry.
  • Our Purpose: The purpose was, and continues to be, to integrate healing of spirit, mind and body, with emphasis on the primacy of spirit.
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Phone 727-789-6660


1601 Curlew Road

Palm Harbor, FL  34683-6515


Individual Sessions: Love, compassion and faith provide a powerful opportunity for healing to take place.  Our teams are available to serve people in their own environments, if necessary.  In our healing centers (such as St. Alfred's) we create an atmosphere that facilitates relaxation and healing, where people can find acceptance and peace.  In these sessions, two ancient traditions are joined: prayer and the laying on of hands.  People of all faiths are welcome.

What is the Healing Process?

The unique Pilgrimage interactive process brings connection rather than isolation, joining together two trained members of the healing team and the client.  The session includes non-invasive healing touch, presence, meditation and prayer.

The Healing Partners are educated and skilled in the healing arts and committed to empowering people in self-care.  They acknowledge the Presence and the healing power within each client.  Read more about the Healing Process.

How it Works

Called "The Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process," (featured in Prevention Magazine, March 2001), this unique approach is designed to support the innate healing ability that resides within each person.  Offering healing for the spirit, mind and body, it is based on two primary understandings:

1) That mind and body are connected in infinite ways, as science continues to demonstrate, and

2) That there is a powerful energy within each individual that can be activated in the service of healing.

Who Benefits from the Integrative Healing?

People who are committed to living a healthier lifestyle.  Many of our clients are suffering from serious or chronic illness or the after-effects of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  Others are facing difficult life situations, while some simply want to feel better and learn how to relax under stress. This holistic approach makes it appropriate for people seeking support for a broad range of health and life issues. 

What is the Cost?

There is no charge for Healing Sessions, but donations are gratefully accepted.  The Pilgrimage and Healing Partners are funded solely by donations, which are used to cover operations and also training for interested individuals.  Ask at your location about how a check should be made out.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Clients' Comments After a Session - Different for Each Person...

"I felt loved and safe."

"I have a great feeling of God's presence."

"After a serious surgery, during the healing I had the image of a being a wounded traveler on a road, being taken in and cared for after a long journey. I had a remarkable recovery."

"Wow!  I feel great peace and thankfulness.  It was beautiful."

"I could feel the tension leave my body and feel the warmth of your hands."

"The healing was just what I needed to unwind."

"Powerful experience!  I recalled old wounds and felt the pain in my heart be released."

"I felt like 'Jell-O.'  I could feel the energy flowing from head to foot."

"I felt like I was on a cloud and you were my angels.  I feel much better."

"I attended a healing session and the healing training in Palm Harbor this past weekend.  What a treat!  What a group of wonderful loving people there.  Jean, Marilyn and Judy were outstanding teachers and the Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process was a beautiful experience.  My plans are to start and run a healing center here in Las Vegas, NV.  I have felt so much peace and compassion since the Friday session.  Also, my left leg and ankle are virtually pain free and getting stronger since the session.  Thanks so much for facilitating such loving care."



Classes & Training

What: Training in the Pilgrimage healing process is offered several times per year at different locations across the United States. 




If you are interested in learning the Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process, please call Jean at (727) 789-6660  You may also e-mail her at  Sessions are provided on a donation basis only.


NEW! Jean has started to do training nation-wide! Call to discuss the possibility of her traveling to your location to deliver training.


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Locations: Tampa Bay, FL  Area

  • The Pilgrimage at St. Alfred's Episcopal Church, Garrett Chapel, Palm Harbor, Florida: St. Alfred's is located at 1601 Curlew Road (between Belcher and Country Road 1).  For an appointment, please call (727) 789-6660.  Email: Appointments can be made to fit the client's schedule.  No fee.
  • Unity Community Church: 1315 Bayshore Blvd., Dunedin, FL, (727) 734-0635.

Locations: Outside Florida

  • Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Brian at 702-354-7182 for further information or an appointment.
  • St. Luke's Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.  For appointment or information call: Betty Brandt at (317) 846-3404 ext. 339.  

  • Genesis Integrative Healing Center Barbara Ireland/Beverly Faulk.  6453 Schmus Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268.  Phone: (317) 299-0041 Email:

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